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Why You Need a Land Surveyor to Draw the Line in Daytona Beach, FL

Many buyers don’t realize the important of obtaining a land survey from a licensed property surveyor when buying a home in the Daytona Beach, FL area. While lenders generally require a land survey as a condition to obtaining a mortgage, many cash buyers fail to do so in order to save money on closing costs. However, without a current property survey, buyers have no way of knowing if there are any encroachments or other issues with the land. That’s why a good real estate agent always recommends buyers order a property survey before closing on a home.

A property survey defines where your land ends and where the land of your neighbor begins, and this ensures that there are no encroachments on your property. The surveyor will verify, describe and map the boundary lines as well as any land improvements since the previous survey. The survey maps essential physical features like street locations, power lines, fence locations, building locations and other improvements related to the deeded property. For example a neighbor may have erected a fence without realizing it is actually encroaching on your property and vice-versa. A property survey can help resolve potential property disputes.

Having completed more than twenty thousand property surveys, the team at Efird Surveying is a group of experienced land surveyors who provide a number of surveying and mapping services for residential and commercial clients in the Daytona Beach, FL area. This includes residential and commercial property surveys, topography and utility surveys and subdivision plats and construction layouts, to name a few.

Whether its residential or commercial property, our professional land surveyors are able to assist with your land and mapping needs while ensuring you have the most accurate and reliable data currently available in a timely manner. For a free estimate, contact us at (386) 740-4144 today!